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Tuesday October 13th 2009, 2:36 pm
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For the last fifteen years while traveling to Russia and the Middle East, I have observed firsthand the reality presented in this video.  When I fly through the airports in Europe, I have been constantly amazed at the number of Muslim families that travel between the Middle East and Europe.  For years it was rare to see Muslim travelers, especially women and children.  But in the last fifteen years the prevalence of this people seen with whole families traveling has been astounding.

When I first began to travel to the Middle East, planes were not even half full.  Now, in the last four to five years, they are packed.  I have to book travel weeks in advance, because seats on planes are hard to come by. Rarely is there even one seat, no matter what class you fly.  I have also seen an increase in the number of children flying.  I have been on flights where a fourth of the passengers are children.  During my trips just this year, I have seen families up to six and eight flying into Paris and Amsterdam.  This year the Netherlands issued their first Islamic stamp for their postal system.  It is not unusual to be walking through the airports during Islamic prayer times and see Muslims paired off in corners bowing and praying to Allah.

The evangelization through being fruitful and multiplying has begun.  The Islamic Law, found in the Koran, is strictly adhered to and followed.  Make no mistake; there is no room for moderation, much less grace, in this way of life.

I have grown increasingly concerned with Christians embracing some kind of mixture of Islam and Christianity.  This is light and darkness.  Jesus said darkness cannot comprehend the light.

Just recently, during the United Nations General Assembly, we witnessed for possibly the first time in history that the three major speakers all had Islamic roots:  Kadafi, Ahmadinejad, and Barack Hussein Obama.  We see alliances being forged with Iran and Venezuela.  Recently there was an uprising and clash between Muslims and the Chinese government and close to half of the Russian parliament is Muslim.  As you will see in this video, 40% of the Russian Army is Islamic.  All the former satellite countries in the eastern part of the former Soviet Union are Islamic.

As we have traveled and ministered in South Lebanon, we are always amazed at the number of children we see time and time again as we move from house to house.  Khomeini sent hundreds of couples into South Lebanon in the 70’s and 80’s to populate and seal off Israel on their northern border. Iran has poured millions in financial resources to establish these families there.  They are subsidized in housing, business, and so much per child.  Consequently, having children is an economic benefit.  In fact, the larger the family the more the subsidy.

Iran, through Hezbollah, has not only populated the South, but has taken over economically and politically.  The realization that terrorist attacks were giving Israel reason to retaliate and the destruction of so much infrastructure in the South during the last war has brought about a season of calm.  The leaders of Hezbollah have the political foothold they now need to continue to become power brokers in the Middle East.   These enemies of the Most High God are not only surrounding Israel, but are building a buffer zone so that weapons and armies one day can move.

Lebanon is a prime example of what is happening in the West.  Its nationalism has been destroyed and it has been evangelized by Iran.  Hezbollah are Khomeini’s disciples.  One interesting change that has taken place is that all of Lebanon and its businesses must acknowledge Islamic holidays; in some instances even closing down.  In one of my trips in November and December of last year the Islamic people were celebrating during Christmas with their own holidays.  They even decorated trees.  Not in the tradition of our Christmas, but substituting their own.

Today as we awoke from our sleep, an astonishing event unfolded.  Barack Hussein Obama received one of the most prestigious honors that the world can bestow upon someone:  The Nobel Peace Prize.  This acknowledgment is not for any great accomplishment for peace, but for nine months of rhetoric that tickles the ears of the world.  Just a few weeks ago we heard Moammar Kadafi declare, from the podium of the United Nations, Barack Hussein Obama as a son of Islam.  Events in the last few weeks, including England setting free Libya’s national hero who brought down the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, have ushered in this pseudo hope for peace that is now galvanizing the world.

The prophetic word of the Lord in the book of Daniel that has been sealed up for this time is being revealed.  We can see, as this video is declaring, the European Common Market – its nations being influenced by the Islamic populations – bringing Europe to turn against Israel.  With the weakening of the moral fabric of the United States and its currency the shift of power has begun.  Just this week, the dollar is being sold out because of our failure to stand as a Nation under God.  A nation’s currency value is in direct proportion to its moral values.

Peace at any price and those who oppose it will pay a price with their own way of life – even their own lives.  Men will cry, “Peace, peace” then sudden destruction will come.

In the last two years we have seen the Nobel Peace Prize glorifying a lie – global warming – propagated by Al Gore, and now inspirational rhetoric of hope, declared by Barack Hussein Obama.

As our Lord’s return draws nigh, we must be ever watching and declaring the blessed hope of this glorious event and the culmination of our hope in Him.  False hope, which is entrenched in the Adamic nature of man and his ability to bring about change apart from God, is upon us.  But God, in His richest mercy, rules and reigns in the affairs of men.  Maranatha.

These pictures are from a Muslim rally in London:

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