Visitation Dream April 28, 2010
Monday May 17th 2010, 10:46 am
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Wanting to be faithful to the Lord I am recording the Visitation Dream given to me in the wee hours of 28th of April, in my home at 1140 Greenfield Ave, Nashville, TN 37216. Habakkuk 2:1, says , “Record the revelation, write it down, and make it plain on the tablets. So that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits for an appointed time: it speaks to the end and it will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it: it will certainly come and not delay.”


I suddenly was before a very large corporate building in a major city. The building seemed to go very, very high so high when I looked up, I could not see the top. The building housed several financial institutions, government offices, and various agencies. I sensed the Holy Spirit had lead me there and I was being pursued by entities that were dressed like agents. I was led into the basement garage of this large corporate building. As I looked back through the glass doors of the street, I could see men in overcoats running here and there, and they were wearing dress shoes. As I went deeper into the garage, I could hear shouts and angry cries being made by members of gangs. They also seemed to be pursuing me. In the basement garage I met up with a brother of mine, Bruce Wagner, and we were conversing. The Holy Spirit came to me and began to speak out of His person hood. He was so present, I could almost make out His form. He said, “ to look down at my feet, and pick up the weapon that was before me.” This weapon was very futuristic in its form. Not like sci-fi or star wars type, but very advanced, like nothing I had ever held or seen. When I picked it up it was very light, and not at all uncomfortable or unwielding. As Bruce and I looked at it, and as I began to maneuver it as if I was using it, I had a such sense the the Holy Spirit was very pleased. As if He was encouraging me to continue to get used to it. When I held it up, I noticed that there was a vacant place in the base of it that was shaped like a “V.” I would say that that it was 10 to 12 inches where something was missing. Immediately, I thought of some kind of ammo clip. I turned to the Holy Spirit and He was holding a clip shaped like a “V” that obviously was meant to be placed in the weapon. The Holy Spirit gave me the clip and I snapped it into place. Then He begin to speak to my heart, His demeanor changed, and the spirit of conviction begin to flow into me as He spoke these words: “This is the Clip of Victory, it is your V clip.” You have bee walking, standing, battling, and have been engaged in the warfare so long that you have forgotten and lost sight of the Victory. The Lord is Victorious, but you have been in the fray for so long that you have settled in your mind that this is just the way it is. You have forgotten that the call to battle is the call to victory. You have prayed for endurance, perseverance, and even survival but have not declared Victory. The Lord always leads you in triumph, yet you have lost sight of His Victory. The weapon and the V clip have been given to you for battle and for victory.” I began to weep and ask for forgiveness for losing sight of the call to fight, and the call to be victorious. Then the Holy Spirit told me to fire the weapon and I had such a sense that those who had been pursuing me began to scatter. The surge of faith and the feeling of Victory was overflowing with such a sense of certainty.


Then I was translated or taken to another place. Both Bruce and I were standing in the lobby of the most beautiful and prodigious conference center I have ever seen. We stood before a row of conference rooms with double doors. We were soon joined by various brothers that we had relationships in our lives. Suddenly the conference doors opened and we were instructed to each go to our own designated conference room. We nodded at each other and then proceded into separate conference rooms. As I entered the designated conference room for me, I was aware of many brothers that I had walked with and had ministered to me over the years. I was made aware by the Holy Spirit of the many words of the Lord that had been ministered to me all my life. Preaching, teachings, prophetic, and prayers were filling the room. Many brothers, mentors, my father, and father in law all beckoning me to come to the front of the conference room and be seated. The anticipation and excitement was written on all of our faces. All countenances were filled anticipation, purpose, and joy. I had not seen such countenances on brothers and people in such a long time. The atmosphere was charged with the word of the Lord and His Spirit. I sat down in a blue seat and across from me was another blue seat. Men of God that had been important concerning the word of the Lord in my life surrounded me. For me it was Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Don Basham, Ern Baxter, and Charles Simpson. There were many others whose messages I had heard, who had ministered to me at various times and seasons; books, tapes, and other resources I had been exposed to. An accumulation of the word of the Lord and the spiritual heritage in my life had brought me to this time and place. There was such a purity of spirit in that moment.

Then Derek sat down directly across from me and began to look deep within me. A sense of impartation was so strong, a calling forth of the word of the Lord. As I sat I wondered why it was him. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the many teachings I sat under and that He always was declaring the victory over the enemy and the glorious victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Victory of the word and of faith. At that point I begin to understand why the Holy Spirit chose Him and why, when I was in the garage, He spoke to me of my spiritual condition concerning victory. I began to be so filled with the spirit of Victory. At that point another mentor who was behind me put his arm over my shoulder and extended his hand in front of me. He was holding a vintage six shooter, like a Colt 45, that was beautiful and in excellent gun condition. Immediately I acknowledged it but brushed it aside, in a honorable manner, and was so aware of how out dated this weapon was. In its day it was fine, but now it was the day of the “V” clip and weapon. The weapon of “Victory” for this time and place. The Holy Spirit was equipping us with another heavenly weapon. Just as in the natural the Colt 45 changed things in the west in its time, in the spiritual the “V” clipʼs time had come. This was a new day and we needed rearming, equipping, and newness of purpose and direction. There was such a sense of rejoicing and faith in the room with all the brethren.


I turned and walked through the conference room doors as they opened out into the vast corridor and I was joined their by Bruce, Britt and other brothers. The corridor was filled with many brothers giving testimony about the various experiences in the individual conference rooms were we had been directed by the Holy Spirit. The testimony was that the Lord had confirmed to us each individually our spiritual journey, experience, and heritage up to now. That He wanted us to see that He had prepared us all. Even though we came from different paths. Everyone was charged and ready to deploy. As I was walking down the corridor of this magnificent center, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of a message I have ministered many times: “In My Fatherʼs House are many rooms or dwelling places, if it were not so I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you.” “That where I am you will be also.” One House many Rooms.

Once again we were taken to another place. As we walked we were suddenly in a field that was very large and we began walking down rows that seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. As we walked parallel from one another down the rows we saw yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and all sorts of vegetables as large as watermelons. The rows were wide and the vegetation and fruit was very large. It was clearly a harvest field and we were moving down the various rows carrying our weapons and moving forward. Again, I was taken to another place. This time into the heavenlies where I was shown a star chart. It was a black spance with stars and heavenly bodies charted by sectors. Longitude lines and latitude lines sectioned off the heavens. There were stars on time lines running parallel on latitude lines and names on the time lines. I saw my name, Bruce’s, and others. We were depicted as stars and we were moving down each one’s personal time line. I was watching as heavenly bodies were moving and being aligned all around the heavenly expanse. The sense of time and eternity were present and the heavenly bodies were moving and being realigned. We were all represented on our time line by a star and we had come to a longitude line that was clearly delineated in the heavens. On the line was written very distinctly, “The Land.” Suddenly, I was back in the field walking in an orderly fashion with the brothers armed with Victory and walking, moving into the Land.

May the Lord be glorified and we come into the fullness of all that He has in His mind for the days to come. I share this with you, and submit this for examination and comment.

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