Lebanon July 2008
Thursday July 17th 2008, 6:24 pm
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Friends of the Bridegroom, Greetings to you, and the blessing of God to you and yours.  I just returned from my 10th trip to Lebanon.  As you know, Moses when he saw the promise land, saw into South Lebanon, clear to Sidon and Tyre.  I believe he saw to the Latoni River.  Now, South Lebanon is occupied by Hezzbolah, who is lead by Hassan Nasralla.  A radical Shi’ite who is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.  They now have two ministers in the cabinet, that is newly formed, and control the South of Lebanon completely.  This last civil skirmish was over the control of the airport, where they tried to fire the security officer, who is sympathetic to Hezzbollah, and was accused of looking the other way while weapon were beign smuggled.  The injustice to the Lebanese people with factions of PLO sponsored by Alquaeda to the North, thousands of PLO refugees, with many camps, and now 10,000 Iraqi christians in a camp is amazing. Beirut and surrounding christian communities and in a vice, between the north and south factions.  The Orthodox Catholics, Merionites, and Greek Orthodox communities are literally carrying the financial burden for the infra structure of Lebanon.  Hezbollah, backed by Iran and Syria, do not pay for electricity and other fees, and taxes.  The collectors are afraid to go down into the south to collect, so the burden falls on the central part of the country.   While, Iran and Syria, send weapons and financial help to the Hezbollah Militia. A well trained terrorist force.  There was an eerie calm while I was there this time.  Qatar had brokered the peace, obviously paid off government officials, and the people wait to see what is next.  We continue to support believers and works in Lebanon.  We are able to minister from house to house in the south, and have friends and allies that welcome us there.  Michel and Nuna Matar, TMM Lebanon, and Tent of Praise, have had a tremendous ministry there for some 18 years.  They have had a prayer meeting in their home every Wednesday night for this long.  Many people have been lead to the Lord and have gone on into ministry through this prayer meeting.  When God speaks of His beauty, he always refers to Lebanon.  It is my belief that the reason for the strife and years of war is because it is part of the Land of Promise.  Now with the South infested with hate for Israel, unless the Lord of Glory moves, Lebanon will become an Islamic State.  In scripture, we see the invasion of Israel coming from the North through Turkey from Russia.  Geographically this is directly North of Israel.  Turkey recently elected a Islamic Prime Minister.  Non the less, the Lord is moving on the believers and we saw many come to the Lord, be filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered, and healed.  The Kingdom Gospel is being preached.  The presence of the Lord is strong, and great conversions are being seen.  I will post pics in the next couple of days.  This is just a quick update.

Update from Lebanon
Tuesday June 24th 2008, 8:32 am
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Greetings from Lebanon.  Keith Curlee and Ben Ward travelled to Beirut June 16, 2008 and are seeing the Lord move in mighty ways.  They are staying with Michel and Nouna Matar and family in Broumana.  There are powerful meetings at the Tent of Praise (TOP) in Beirut — a place of praise and worship.  Check out the pictures below for a small taste.  Look for mp3s and videos soon!

Global Day of Prayer 2008 Photos
Thursday May 15th 2008, 6:17 pm
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Here are some photos from the Tent of Praise Lebanon’s Global Day of Prayer 2008 Event…